Made me look #5

How a painting divided a nation – Ferial Haffajee writes an open letter to President Jacob Zuma’s daughter, Duduzile, explaining why she published the controversial painting of her father.

 The party your father grew up in is no longer the same. I knew it to be a party of ideas, debate and of reaching out. Not a soul from its midst has picked up a phone to City Press, though they claim there was engagement before the call for society at large to boycott us. My biggest lesson this week is that the ANC no longer leads; it can no longer be trusted to pull us back from the brink as it did when Chris Hani died and the nation lay on the edge of a precipice.

Now I see the party led by men who will push us over the edge if it is to pursue their own interests and ambitions. The boycott is a useful rallying call to restart their flagging campaign.

Smear of the Nation – The Mail and Guardian has set up a website where you can smear your own pictures. You can smear your profile picture or you can smear pictures and upload them to their gallery.

I’ve seen a couple of great ‘smear’ pictures and parodies this week but my favourite has to be this one:

Never Seconds – A blog, started by a nine-year-old Scottish girl, that shows how powerful blogging can be. She started her blog to complain about the state of her school lunches. After a couple posts, and one million hits later, the local council was shamed into admitting that students can have unlimited salad, fruit and bread. Her healthy school lunch campaign has also attracted the attention of Jamie Oliver.

Making a splash: Orcas in False Bay – Amazing pictures of a pod of orcas that have been feeding in False Bay.

Moral behaviour in animals – Frans de Waal gives a fascinating Ted Talk on morality in animals. He shows videos of experiments which explore animal’s understanding of fairness, reciprocity and compassion. The video below shows a clip from the talk.

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