Four blogs you should start reading right now

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Smitten Kitchen is the first real food blog I started reading. You must make Deb’s caesar salad deviled eggs (I do every Christmas). Her banana bread crêpe cake with butterscotch is equal measure delicious and impressive – perfect for parties. I once survived a whole week eating her pink lemonade bars. Follow Deb on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


A Beautiful Mess is a homemade lifestyle blog (with an emphasis on homemade). It was started by two sisters, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman. They post inspiring room renovations (like this dining room and kitchen), easy craft projects and some pretty delicious cocktail recipes. They have two great photo editing apps that I use all the time: A Beautiful Mess and Party Party. Follow A Beautiful Mess on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Manhattan Nest is probably my favourite blog at the moment. Daniel bought a house in Kingston, New York, that was in desperate need of a lot of love. With each post you get to see him slowly and hysterically transform the house into something gorgeous. His kitchen renovation was when I fell hard for him. It is gorgeous and black and white and everything I ever want in a kitchen. Don’t even get me started on his laundry room. Follow Daniel on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


Sometimes I wish A Practical Wedding wasn’t, you know, called A Practical Wedding because every time I tell someone to read it they give me this “Oh, you’re a crazy lady that wants to get married” look. Which, in all honesty, I might be but this website is about so much more than just weddings. It’s about the big, important things we all go through in this crazy journey called “becoming a grownup”. There are posts that ask How Do You Know When You’re Ready For Kids? There are invaluable posts on The Chores of  Adulthood which discuss cleaning, planning and budgeting. One of my favourite parts of the website is the comment section – A Practical Wedding readers know how to leave good, wisdom imparting, soul soothing comments. I always finish reading the posts and comments with a feeling that someone out there in the Internet gets me and that I am a little less alone than I thought. Follow A Practical Wedding on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

What blogs do you think I should be reading? Leave a comment below and I’ll check them out.

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