Marshall Security ‘likes’ violent and racist comments

Last night while trawling Facebook I came across a post that had been shared by an acquaintance of mine. The picture showed a young black man, hand cuffed and lying on the floor. His lips were bloodied from a blow that must have been directed at his nose. He looked scared.


I have edited the picture to obscure the man’s face.

I clicked on it out of curiosity. Who was this “Marshall Security” that was posting pictures of bloodied people on Facebook?  The description of the side of the picture offered some explanation.

“At 12:15 today one of our reaction officers noticed this suspect being chased down Margaret Maytom Avenue, our Reaction Officer and one of our Special Operations Team Members apprehended the suspect, it was then established that he had been trespassing on a residents property in Margaret Maytom Avenue and was seen attempting to break into a car that was parked on the property but was disturbed by the residents.

Well done to all involved, glad the residents were vigilant!”

A quick Google searched revealed that they are a private security company based in Durban North.

It appeared that Marshall Security had posted a picture of a man suspected of trespassing and suspected of attempting to break into a car. I think it is unacceptable that they would post a picture of a man in this condition and then label him a trespasser and a thief in a public platform. More worryingly it seems that while being apprehended he had sustained a bloody nose. He could have tripped and fallen while being chased but he also could have been assaulted by heavy-handed private security officers. I considered the latter more likely as I read the comments.

I spend a lot of time on the internet. In an attempt to keep myself sane and contain the rage I try to stay away from comment sections. This is usually because they allow people to post anonymously – I’m looking at you news24! People are often tempered on Facebook because their comments, pictures, shares and likes are so closely associated with their name and face. Usually I wouldn’t have read the comments on the picture because I know that they would upset me. But part of me wanted to see that other people thought what Marshall Security had done was wrong too. I wanted to see someone call them out. But as I scrolled down there wasn’t one comment that suggested that they shouldn’t have identified this person or taken a picture of him handcuffed. No one asked why he had a bloody nose. Instead the comments were a special kind of horrid. Here is a selection of comments I winced and cringed through.

Steve Evans noticed that the man had been hit in the face and encouraged Marshall Security to hit him again.


Debbie Williams suggested that Marshall Security should have cut his hands off.


Liz Van Goeverden suggested that they should drown this man.


Yvette Cleugh fleshed out Liz’s plan to drown him but suggested (in what I imagine to be a racist black accent, Liz? Really?) that they should add some concrete to the bag before they tossed him in the sea.


Adding to the plans to “bump” his nose into the pavement, cut his hands off and throw him in the sea (don’t forget the concrete, Liz!), Wesley Gates suggested that Marshall Security should break a few of his fingers.


Wesley’s bone breaking suggestion was shortly followed up by Jn Rahm’s suggestion that he should be kicked in the head.


I could go on. There were suggestions on every end of this graphic spectrum. You would imagine that the very least Marshall Security would be worried about its reputation and publicly discourage talk of vigilantism. They may even go as far as to delete some of the comments which incite violence. But not only does Marshall Security allow people to post comments of this nature, they go so far as to ‘like’ them. They liked all the posts I mentioned above and most of the violent, racist comments on other similar pictures.

They liked a post by Jeremy Hook on another picture of an apprehended man that simply said “Bang”.


What does it mean to ‘like’ something on Facebook? What social action is connected to the fleeting moment when Marshall Security hovered over the like button and then clicked it? Are they condoning the comment, supporting it or agreeing with the statement? Do they think it is funny? When I ‘like’ something on Facebook those are the reasons I do it. I would never ‘like’ something that I disagree with. If I find a post repulsive or if it makes me angry I would never click the like button. I can only then assume the same for Marshall Security. This is deeply troubling.

By liking these posts Marshall Security has publicly supported sentiments which are unacceptable and in most cases disgusting. They should be held accountable for their actions.  They may not have written the comments but they agree with them.

I encourage you to go to Marshall Security’s profile and leave comments on the pictures. Tell them that you think this sort of behaviour is unacceptable. It worries me that the Marshall Security employee who clicks ‘like’ may be the same person bashing peoples’ noses. While you are there also have a go at the people who have left hateful and violent comments. I don’t think the little bubble of Facebook users who like the Marshall Security profile have often been exposed to differing view points. Let’s share ours with them.  Don’t expect many ‘likes’ though. I expect Marshall Security only likes it one way.

We need to expose companies like this that publicly encourage violence, vigilantism and racism. A company which has a public profile is subject to public scrutiny. If you have seen any other companies doing the same thing please let me know or send me a screen shot.

20 thoughts on “Marshall Security ‘likes’ violent and racist comments

  1. Once again you have pointed out a prominent and scary issue in our society. Better understanding across racial and class divides needs to be fostered for RSA to become a truly democratic society.

  2. Not surprised that Marshall Security felt the need to assert their dominance because that’s the way all security guards (regardless of their race) treat young black males. Black males are viewed as a problem by the power structure that security guards protect and so they’ll always go the extra mile to put the “cheeky bugger” in his place and impress their masters if apprehending a black suspect.

    And those comments that you took screen shots of don’t surprise me at all. I stopped being surprised by that sort of thing long ago because it only proves what a farce this rainbow nation nonsense is. MOST white people, but by no means all, talk like that when there is any sort of black threat to their interests (criminal or otherwise). And black people have their complaints about whites as well but our historical humiliations have made most black people too timid to spew their resentment of whites on public platforms like facebook. Being surrounded by this climate of hate has made so cynical and racially hostile in my thinking lately. I just refuse to sit back while black forgiveness/submissiveness and white arrogance become the order of the day.

    • Kwazi I find your comments quiet prejudicial with regard to “resentments of whites” and “white arrogance”. You are breeding the same racial hostility people are trying to rid this country of? Stop being a part of the problem and start being a part of the solution. Mother Theresa was right.. be the change you want to see.. so stop labelling blaming pointing fingers at races and start being positive and free yourself of the prison of the mind that Mandela talks of. Only you have the choice ….

  3. Please explain which of the comments you have shown above promote racism? Do any of them contain racists slurs? There is no doubt that they are violent comments, but racist?

    You are assuming that they are racist due to stereotypes that YOU obviously have.

    If that was a white young male on the floor and all those comments were from black people, would you have said it was racist?

    • Are you blind!? Did you read the comment from Yvette? The way people speak and communicate is often mocked and ridiculed. Yvette left a comment that suggested that a person who can’t speak English is somehow inferior – possibly intellectually inferior. Just because no one used a derogatory word doesn’t mean that the comment isn’t racist.

      All this exposes is that you have a very limited understanding of the different ways that people are oppressed – whether it be physically, psychologically or financially.

  4. Kate another excellent post on an issue that has become so prevalent lately. Firstly the Marshall Security page should be shut down. I have long felt this way and have reported it. It is not a page where incidents or tips are reported but another platform on Facebook for race bashing to occur.

    Anonymous seriously? The overt reference to accent clearly is mocking, insulting and thus racist and for goodness sake “cut their hands off”. Who’s the their? Use your name next time, you get more respect.

    • I am not looking for your respect.

      Why is “their” to be interpreted as “blacks” and not criminals? Seemeen, do you feel that all blacks are criminals?

      It seems this blog’s sole purpose is to create racial tension and to “stir the pot”. Why is this necessary?

      • Anonymous… surely stirring the pot is a good thing because it forces people to actually think about their actions. Thought seems to be severely lacking from those who commented on Marshall’s’ facebook page?

  5. After some thought.. It worries me that this blogs intentions were to bring about discention and divide not open anyones eyes.It seems sensationalism and fame is what the blogger seeks not a solution. If the bloggist had actually enquired why the posts were liked and dealt with the company themselves as to a resolution to their concerns I am sure the company in question would have taken their concerns to heart and looked into the matter. Im sure a company who prides themselves on community input would listen to what upsets you?

    Slating a company that does what you expect but are not willing to do yourself? A company who has made a difference in their community by not only working with the Durban SAPS on a daily basis but setting up neighbourhood watches, getting teams of reservists out to patrol and catch harden criminals to saving numerous lives. They go beyond the call of duty and put their lives at risk to make sure others are safe at night. If they were doing something illegal by “assualting” the “criminals in question” the SAPS would surely charge them? They are not above the law but they are the only ones willing to uphold the law of our crime riddled country of ours.

    I am a born and bred South African and I have been subjected to racist remarks, discriminatory jokes or comments, racial biases as well as prejudices but I in no way start a blog to attack others as it does not constructively aid in a solution it just angers people and causes more upset and roots hurt where there was healing in progress.

    Since your post on the Marshall Security Group today with your link to your blog I have gone back and looked at the photographs,posts and stories and have noticed that the company helps anyone of any race that is in need? So how does this make this company racist? People are very quick to critisize people that are making a change and label them racist when they are sitting cosy in their homes and not out their actually doing something about it. Maybe your shoudl put your energy into the Caroline Ashworth case?

    It is time people stop blaming things on race when they cannot describe exactly what is the issue at hand. The comments were hateful not racist.. They were violent and inappropriate not racist… For whatever reason those people chose to use their freedom of speech in the wrong way it is not the Companys fault for their opinions.

    After the review on the Caroline Ashworth Page that was created where not only were barbarick, sexist, racist comments passed Not one of these bloggists seem to have had an opinion about a “white” girl being told things I refuse to repeat as they are so defamatory and repulsive that Myself being a woman was horrified to read.Maybe you should shift your focus. I wonder if you as a South African “bloggist” have even read her story and the things that were said about her? Probably not as she was white and she was strong enough to fight it on her own? Sad that you seem to be rather closed minded and pick battles with people you think will bring you fame… I have no respect for bloggers that have half opinions and only bring to light issues they can gain recognition for “stirring up hatred and undoing healing” that has taken years to progress.

    Your blog has left a Bitter taste in my proudly multiracial mouth and I can assure you that you have not opened my eyes but just shown me that my indian mother taught me a lady stands up for what she believes but does not taint someone else in doing so. Maybe you should take that thought and dwell on it before your next blog?

    السلام عليكم

    • Anonymous, you seem to be oblivious to the fact that both my blog and the Marshall Security Facebook page are public. You have come onto my blog and accused me of being sensationalist, fame seeking and looking to cause dissention and divide people. And that is absolutely fine. I put my thoughts out on the internet and I have invited public comment.

      Marshall Security and its followers are also in the public sphere. The Facebook page, pictures, comments and ‘likes’ are visible to everyone on Facebook. If they want to operate in a public sphere they should expect to be called out on unacceptable behaviour.

      The purpose of this post (and others that I have written before) is twofold. Firstly, people who promote prejudice and violence need to be called out publicly. Too often people feel embarrassed to ‘make a scene’ and let people know that their actions or words are unacceptable. If I was in a coffee shop, a boardroom, a shopping centre or a doctor’s waiting room I would do the same. I will not be quiet for the sake of a person or a company. They deserve to feel uncomfortable until they change their behaviour.

      Secondly, it is important to expose companies who engage in this sort of behaviour so that people can make an informed decision about employing them. I would not feel comfortable employing a security company that ‘liked’ a comment suggesting that they should sodomise a man with a broom stick. Are you comfortable with that?

      • Kate firstly I am well aware that your blog and Marshall security are public platforms as well as the fact I am aware that any comment,remark or action that is Racist should be brought to light. I fail to see where soddomy is Racist?



        1.The belief that all members of each race possess characteristics or abilities specific to that race, esp. so as to distinguish it as…
        2.Prejudice or discrimination directed against someone of a different race based on such a belief.

        The company in question did not make any racist comments it merely informed the “public” of criminal activity as well as criminals that had been aprehended and were then arrested by the SAPS and charged accordingly.

        Your issue at hand is that an administator of a page likes all their comments on their page.Not that they were making racist comments. I have further investigated and emailed the owner of the company requesting a reason for the comments being liked and the reply I recieved was that the administrator of the page liked each comment on every posting as acknowledgement that the comment had been read. They further explained that it was never their intention to give the impression that they promoted or endorsed the comments and they went as far as to block many comments. As you know it would be quiet impossible to block every comment made and being a public platform i believe your fight is with the people making the comments not the company who is merely giving out statistics and information to at least inform the community of what is happening around them.

        The way you have proposed your blog is that the company is racist.. maybe you should blog about pick n pay selling white bread? Because your accusations of a racist company fall short with your evidence of mere comments made by the general public.

        I have faught many a racist battle and have brought to light a few issues and you need to bring to light actual findings of racism before you head off into a battle realm you are clearly not equipped for.

        The fact that you have to ask if someone thinks soddemising a person is ok shows your immaturity to developing an argument. Rhetorical questions like that show your stirring the pot skills are lacking. I believe you are trying to start a political debate with the wrong platform subject..Maybe you should look into cases like the Caroline Ashworth case and get a feel for what real racist comments are? Maybe you should spend more time down at your local polica station and witness actual crimes being dealt with and see first hand what criminals are doing? Maybe people should stop focusing the the rights on the criminal who was so quick to take someone elses rights away I believe he/she has forfeited their own rights the minute they break the law? Maybe you should get off your soap box and actually get your hands dirty before you down a company that is willing to put themselves in front of a bullet or knife for you? You are not only calling the company administrator racist but the multiracial employees that put their hearts in to saving people. Your focus on the criminal is worrying as the victim is quickly forgetton just as with the 20 children and 6 teachers in Conneticut USA? I wonder if you would be so quick to back the criminal that took all those lives or maybe you wouldnt because he is of the wrong ethnicity?

        You need to think clearly before spitting your words out as they might not taste so good when you have to eat them!

  6. I would like to see your point of view change one day when you get hijacked, kidnapped, beaten and repeatedly gang raped by a group of perviously disadvantaged (currently asvantaged) individuals… will you still have the same views?????

    the sad fact of the matter is that our country is made up of 80% black people and of course the % of cblack criminals are goinmg to be higher….

    you need to look past colour and start looking at criminals….

    i am a policeman and have arrested every colour of the rainbow…. i dont care what your colour is…. if you comit a crime…. i will put you where you belong…. behind bars…..

    think little girl before you write crap like this…. or are you for crime…..

    • Another anonymous – what are the odds!?

      So you’re saying that you can’t be against crime and against violence or racism? Are they mutually exclusive?

      Pretty standard approach you used to try shut down her argument though – threaten her with possible assault and rape. Classy.

  7. I find it sickening that you could write something about a company that is doing its utmost to rid our community of criminals that terrorize the community every day….

    This company seems to be the only one that is actually doing anything to fight crime in durban north and for you to try and discredit them by making these pathetic claims of racism…

    When my alarm goes off, I have had black, Indian, colored and white officers attend to my call…. Now you tell me why would a company that allegedly “promotes” racism employ so many different races within their company!?

    The same company that you are trying to tarnish their name do nothing but good for the community they serve and without them, the community will be a lot worse off….

    So I suggest that you do your home work on all aspects of what a company does good before trying to burn them for some stupid petty little thing.

    Lastly, can you please show me which comment you interprited as racist??? Violent yes, not racist… Maby you should finish school first then start writing silly blogs like this…

  8. So your argument is based on splitting hairs on what is racist and what is violent??? Anonymous asked what comment is racist? The one by Yvette to start – she wrote it in a racist accent.

    While you all try to defend this company and shout that it is not racist why are you ignoring the violent comments it has liked? You can argue all you like that Marshall Security only liked comments to acknowledged them but why have they unliked them now?

    This blog post never once said that Marshall Security was racist. What it said was that it should be condemned for liking comments which were racist and violent. By doing so it supported them. FInished and klaar.

    If you all feel so strongly that Kate is wrong why don’t you post using your names? Obvioulsy you don’t feel that strongly about your convictions if you aren’t willing to have them associated with your identity.

    • Sara the argument that people are trying to get across from my opinion is that Kate has not given the company in question a chance to explain or to investigate the issues she has brought up. Flying off the handle at what seems to be a company that by the newspaper articles is doing alot of good doesnt help her point? Its coming across that she is accusing them of quite a horrible thing all based on someone clicking a like button i understand for whatever reason. I dont see that she has tried to get an explanation or solution which i think people see as unfair. Even Carte Blanche gets both sides of the story?? Anyway just my two cents worth.

      Oh and I chose not to put my name as I have done so before on a facebook bloggers poem and recieved horrible message with all sorts of profanities said. So Anonymous i chose to stay.

  9. For some reason I can’t reply to a comment from earlier. I want to respond to one of the anonymous posters who submitted a comment at 5:23 pm.

    You are completely and utterly missing the point. The security company in question, Marshall Security, has liked BOTH racist and violent comments. You have just decided that since not all the comments Marshall Security liked were overtly racist that the blog post is incorrect. It is incomprehensible that you can defend a company that has promoted violence like this.

    I can also provide a dictionary definition of ‘violence’ and I promise you most of the comments can be defined as violent.

    • I dont see how the company has promoted violence but everyone sees things in a different light. Besides the company liking the comments… where have they promoted violence? Shouldnt you all be focusing on companies that REFUSE white applications such as SAA? or companies that only hire non whites? I dont see Kate jumping to right those wrongs?

      If you are going to support a cause by blogging about it at least be fair and blog about racism as a whole and bring all parties in question to answer. And in doing so have evidence where the company itself has stated the racism like SAA did and then suddenly retracted its wonderful public statement that no white applications would be accepted. Just rememeber is fighting racism you should be fighting for all races not just one. If you only fight for one you are racist in itself and that doesnt sit well with people from a country that is clearly been brought to its knees by underlying racial undercurrents that have not been healed as yet. Hope i have added to this debate in a positive light.

  10. Well done for shedding light on this general trend that seems to accompany the most horrendous crimes – whether the apprehended man be guilty or not, surely these are acts of the human rights our country so valiantly fought for before we were even born. It scares me. And as for the racial stereotyping – what makes you any better than a black person with an accent not unlike the one you are mocking with such expert skill, Yvette?! U perpetuate the very hatred which so drives this country – and yet I’m sure you are one of those people who complain as to why our country cannot get its shit together and move forward. Newsflash: its people like YOU who are at fault. And all this because a black man’s brutalised face was plastered over the Facebook page of some cock-sure security company in what can only be described as a serious bout of idiocy and pigheadedness. Well done for taking a stand – social vomitary indeed!

    • It just amazes me how some silly little girl who didn’t den grow up in apartheid thinks she knows best…. Stop pulling the race card… It’s so 1990s…. Rather put your time and effort into fighting crime like this company does instead of hiding behind your electric fence, barbed wire, burglar bars and alarm systems and walk a day in their shoes….

      I bet this stupid young woman has never even been a victim of a crime….

      Wait till you have been armed robbed and been tied up and pistol whipped by a gang of robbers and had to fear for your kids lives while they were held up in the room next door…. YES! I was robbed in my own house and all my hard earned belongings and my dignity taken…. And yes… It was 4 BLACK suspects that did it to me…. And still to this day my children battle to sleep at night…. My wife has flashbacks and has panic attacks all the time….

      So when I see a company being pro active like this one, I take my hat off to them….

      I would have commented on that picture “put a fucking bullet in his head” he doesn’t deserve rights if he can deprive other law abiding citizens of theirs….

      Admin Note: the end of this comment was deleted because it incited violence.

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