The curious incident of the watchman and a dog in the night-time

I moved out of my parents’ house last year. Over the last six months they have had numerous break-ins. It got to the point where my dad was calling me twice a week to say that they had been hit again. It was a terrible time for both them and me. I knew that I couldn’t do anything – even if I went back I couldn’t help. After looking at a few options my parents decided to get a watchman who would work from 8pm to 6am. Sbu was hired a few weeks before I went home for the Easter break.

The first evening I was home I met him in the driveway. I joined my dad as he chatted to Sbu about a few things before giving him his spotlight. I was introduced to him and I walked back into the house with my dad. Satisfied, he looked at me and said, “He does martial arts.” All was well.

Later that night I was watching TV with my sister when Sbu came and knocked on the lounge door. I opened it and asked him if everything was okay.

“There is a white dog in the driveway.” His brow was knitted and he peered over his shoulder and pointed towards the cars.

“Oh, okay. It’s my dog.” I said.

I walked out to the driveway to see my white Jack Russell, Gungi, sulking back around the house. She was obviously offended to have been spotted in some nighttime mischief.

“It’s okay if she walks around. Don’t worry about her.” I hoped that Sbu didn’t think I was underestimating his concern about the situation.

“I just thought you should know.” He put on his spotlight, pointed it after Gungi and took off on her path.

The culprit

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