Digital Notebooks

Two years ago I wrote a post called The Notebooks. When I was at university I did a creative writing course where I had to carry around a notebook. I had to write down quotes, observations and ideas that I had. Ever since then I have carried a little A6 notebook in my handbag. Carrying around a notebook is like always having  a favourite book with you. When you are bored, stuck in the traffic or waiting for an appointment you can read pages and pages of things you love.

I have been filling up notebooks for nearly four years. And while I love them – their worn edges, coffee stains and memories – they aren’t very accessible. I have years of quotes that I would like to include in my writing and I am constantly and frantically flicking and paging back and forth. So, as you would have seen, I have started to digitise them. Slowly – maybe once a day – I will upload a quote, an idea or an observation I made. I will tag them so that when I want quotes on South Africa or politics or truth I will be able to find them. And I also like to think that others will be able to find them and love them as much as I do.

So far I have posted Alexander Fuller’s thoughts on Africa, Eric Hobsbawm’s understanding of making a life and Antje Krog’s contemplation on the word ‘truth’. If you have any favourite quotes post them in the comments section.

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