The National Development Plan Does You Tube

I have watched the NDP’s videos on YouTube and apart from their impressive graphics I think they represent a fresh new way that government is engaging with the South African people. The graphics are both compassionate as well as informative – leaving the viewer with an understanding that words alone cannot achieve. The pictures depict the reality of most South African’s lives today, as well as the scale of the problems which need to be overcome.

However, you have to ask yourself who these videos are being watched by. You have to assume that the viewers have a computer with an internet connection or at very least a cell phone (I shudder at the thought of the data charges after watching the videos – nearly 17 min!). They also are in English – are there any plans to release them in any of our other 10 official languages. If seems as though the NDP is talking about Thandi but failing to talk to her.

We need this information disseminated across South Africa. We need it to flow on radios, TV’s and newspapers in the all the languages that South Africans speak. English-speaking, broad-band-using South Africans have now heard the message – the rest are waiting.

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