Potential December Graduate

Two weeks ago I handed in my dissertation and one week ago I wrote my last exam for my honours in international relations. While I thought that I would have some time to relax and look back on the year I have found that I am just as busy. I am still working part-time as a face-to-face canvasser for Medicens Sans Fronttieres. Now that university has ended I have also been able to go back to the Right 2 Know campaign and help out a few days a week.

I am graduating from UCT on the 12th of December. Next year seems both very far away and frighteningly near. I have been conditionally accepted to do my masters at UCT in both international relations and political science. I have applied for funding and if I receive it I will study next year.

Alternatively I might also be looking for a job next year. I am interested in gaining some experience before studying further. I moved to Cape Town earlier this year to study international relations. However, during my time here I have been exposed to organizations, like R2K, who have exposed me to issues that I had never before considered pursuing. You can’t swing your arm in Cape Town without hitting an NGO and I am hoping to gain more experience next year whether I am studying or not. In an attempt to capture the social media fundis who might be looking for an aspiring young graduate I have upload my résumé.

If you are in Cape Town tomorrow and would like to join me – along with other South Africans – protest against the Secrecy Bill, come join us outside Parliament at 13h00. There is more information on the R2K events page. After shelving the Secrecy Bill, he ANC promised substantial public consultation that would allow for the public to voice their opinions. Now this week the ANC announced that they were bringing the Bill back before the National Assembly for further deliberations on Wednesday. The promised public consultation was never completed. Hope to see lots of people there!

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