When in Cape Town…

#1 – Hike Lion’s Head

Lion’s Head was the first hike I did in Cape Town after moving here in February. We did it on a Sunday afternoon and reached the top in the early evening. We had packed snacks, water, binoculars and our camera to photograph the views and our achievement. About twenty minutes into the hike we were stopped on the trail by a tiny tortoise. Obviously employing the don’t move and they wont see me technique he stayed still long enough for us to snap this picture – only to hear the slow buzzing death rattle of the camera running out of battery.

So, this is the only picture we have of our hike. With the proliferation of Facebook albums chronicling every activity people partake in, it seems that if you have no photographic proof of doing something it didn’t happen.  But I cross-my-heart-and-hope-to-die promise that we made it to the top and it was beautiful. I recommend it to both residents and visitors of Cape Town.

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