The Notebooks

In my second year of university I took a creative writing class. One of the requirements was that you had to carry around a notebook.

You had to write ideas, character sketches and dialogue in it. We were told to listen to people’s conversations and write down the bits we liked. The whole class became eavesdroppers. We could be found sitting too close to groups of people while we scribbled feverishly into our notebooks.

It was difficult at first. It was annoying to have to pull out a notebook and write down a sentence or two while you went about your day. It felt awkward and made me feel self-conscious but by the end of the course it had become so natural. I felt naked without my notebook. Two years later I still carry it around with me. I use it to write down quotes I like, ideas that come to me and books I want to read.

It is the closest thing I have ever had to a diary. While there is nothing personal written in them, they do say a lot about me. I’m on my third notebook now and it’s a permanent fixture in my handbag. I’m going to make a new feature post where I will scan some of my favourite pages and upload them.

I wrote this poem by D. H. Lawrence down after watching the movie G.I. Jane. The line is delivered by Master Chief John Urgayle to the incoming Navy Seal trainees – which include the first female trainee the programme has ever had.

4 thoughts on “The Notebooks

  1. I’ve been carrying a notebook around with me wherever I go for the past five or six years. I’m kind of in love with notebooks 🙂
    I remember how awkward it felt at the beginning though- then, like you said, it became so natural to stop my day for a few seconds and write down my ideas. Now I love going through those old notebooks.
    That is a wonderful poem, thank you for sharing it.

  2. ello.
    responded to your thread on 20sb but wanted to leave a comment here too. love your notebooks. like the casual design. pretty handwriting! am jealous
    – linda

  3. This is a really good idea! I keep a small notebook in my purse, but for the most part I am around a computer in some way (ipod, desktop, laptop) so I can use that as well.

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