Made Me Look # 4


Porn star Lorelei Lee talks obscenity > Porn actress Lorelei Lee talks about the controversy over the latest film she appeared in. The DA in Washington took the film to court over issues of “community standards”, offensiveness and whether it held any “serious literary, artistic, political, or scientific” merit. Miss Lee comes across as intelligent, educated and provides an interesting argument for pornographic films. In her answers she makes the Washington DA’s Office look like puritanical bureaucrats who should be spending their time pursuing more important legal matters.

The Roots of White Anxiety > A study conducted in America has revealed that elite university’s attempts to diversify their student body has resulted in discrimination against white applicants from lower-income families. An interesting article which leads one to wonder whether affirmative action should rather be conducted along class and not racial lines.

How to trick people into thinking you’re good looking > A YouTube video that I stumbled across this week. I especially love the part when she cries over her Masters Degree from Boston University.

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