Make Me Look #2

20 Most Harmful Drinks in America > The worst drink on the list contains 2,010 calories – more than the recommended daily intake for a woman. Each drink is photographed with food that contains its equivalent sugar value. This Krispy Kreme Lemon Sherbet Chiller contains 980 calories and contains the same amount of sugar as 16 chocolate eclairs.

Fashion by He > A blog run by a guy living in New York, who has a surprisingly good eye for fashion. Even if you don’t agree with him all the time, his undercover photos and irreverent commentary is always entertaining.

The Anatomy of Trust in Social Media > An interesting, illustrated article which looks at how the definition of friends and trust have changed due to social  media.

Social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Google Buzz and so on, have fundamentally shifted our definition of “friend”. In the past most of us could manage a small handful of people we call a friend. Today each of us had literally hundreds of people we call friend, thanks to social media.”

Economic Rap: Bust and Boom> I never took an Economics class but most of what is covered in this 7 minute video was taught to me in three years of Political Science courses. It’s the ultimate smack down: Hayek v Keynes.

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