Made Me Look #3

What Do Women Want? Discovering What Ignites Female Desire > A very long but very interesting investigation into female desire. If you want a summary head over to read Silkstone’s post on Open Salon. 

 The World’s Freest Woman? > Jennifer O’Mahony has some very relevant and familiar things to say about being young, female and supposedly free. 

Dating Market Value Test For Women > If you head over to Citizen Renegade you’ll either be offended or amused. I’m usually a combination of both. The link is to a test women can take to determine their dating market value. If you’re a guy you can test yourself here. They may not be accurate but they are entertaining. His blog posts and the comments offer interesting insight into the male psyche. I scored a 25, which ranks me as a “greater beta”.

Sexy Viedogameland: You look nice, miss > A link to a game where women are able to shoot and kill men who make suggestive comments on the street. An interesting discussion in the comment section follows.

What do you think?

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